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Eaglehawk Flowers

Need a quick and easy way to get your hands on the best Eaglehawk flowers? Call Sarah’s Flowers.

Eaglehawk is 7km north west of Bendigo, near Epsom and Sailors Gully. It’s rich in gold mining history but that element isn’t the only treasure you’ll find here, oh no! Sarah’s Flowers is the most treasured florist in Eaglehawk. We’re the florist on speed dial for everyone who knows that when they choose us they’ll get an expertly crafted bouquet bursting with the finest flowers, not some limp collection of assorted stems past their used-by date. When you need a snazzy pressie at short notice just get in touch by 2pm from Monday to Friday or 10am on Saturday and we’ll get cracking on your request. We’re all expertly trained and accredited so you can trust your flowers are in good hands, and because we’re total floral legends you know your gift won’t look remotely like you’ve left it until the last minute. You can call us or order online, or if you can’t be bothered moving off the couch or you’re on the train on your way to work, use our mobile site for the same speedy result.

There’s always a reason people want to get hold of our Eaglehawk flowers. Maybe it’s your anniversary and you want to show the missus that you’re not the cretin she implied you were when you gave her a voucher to Burley Up Bait Shop for her birthday. It would have been great if she shared your passion for angling but she hates water and is allergic to fish. If it’s not your missus, it could be that you’re in need of a fast apology for your neighbour after you ran over her cat this morning. We know it wasn’t entirely your fault, and it’s not like flatulent Fluffy will be missed all that much, but you need to do something to keep neighbourly relations sweet. Whether you want to outdo your brother’s gift of slippers to your mum for Mother’s Day; send a get well wish to your Nanna who is recovering in hospital after an unfortunate incident at the National Pensioner’s Pole Dancing competition; or you simply want to cheer up a mate who’s having a rough time, Sarah’s Flowers has just what you want. We have boxed arrangements for sending to nursing homes and hospitals, handtied bouquets for a traditionally stylish gesture of generosity, pastels and brights, and everything inbetween.

We’re proud to be serving the Eaglehawk community by providing with the freshest flowers that make all their special occasions that much more memorable. Sourcing our blossoms freshly means your bouquet will look incredible, last for ages and give you fab value for money. If you want the best flower delivery to Eaglehawk at the best price, Sarah’s Flowers is the winning choice.